Building Blocks Clue 1.jpg

Building Blocks MKAL, Clue 1

Here it is, my building blocks shawl after clue 1 (and the first row of clue 2). I am pretty happy with it so far, although it is extremely colourful. I am knitting with 3.5 Addi lace needles, a goodie I received at Yarncamp. Apart from being too short for this project, they are okay, but I still prefer ChiaGoo Red Lace.

In contrast to the Taboo MKAL, I love knitting this one. It is not as spectacular as the Booknits pattern, but it does not need attention at each and every stitch. So it qualifies as a portable and quite mindless project which is perfect as I currently are quite busy and travelling a lot. I’ll keep you updated.


An Industrial Lampshade for my Studio

I am not very proud that the realisation of this rather simple lampshade took me 18 months. I found my inspiration on Pinterest, bought the material and did not work on it for quite a while. However, it is finished now and looks really good.

I followed the instructions pretty roughly and did not add any colour or sheet metal. It was really easy to form the steel hanger strap by hand, so the main work consisted of screwing it all together. Nonetheless, it was finished within about two hours. It only lacks a beautiful light bulb. I will fix that next time I need something bigger from the hardware store.

Funfact: I took the picture in front of the few white walls in this room. The other ones are painted deep purple as I cannot find inspiration in bright, friendly spaces.


A New Hat for Fall

Since its publication in November 2015, I wanted to knit a Father Cables Hat. I knew from the start, I would knit it from my leftovers from the Custom Fit Sweater, Rowan Kid Classic. Obviously, knitting a cabled hat with mohair yarn would give the design a completely new interpretation. Well, maybe this was my intention.

What I had not considered was how the yarn would react to being forced into cables. It showed a lot of resistance. Nonetheless, I won and am overly happy with the result. I love the Mohair halo on the cable pattern and I guess I do not need to explain how cosy it feels on my head.

I needed 52g of yarn on 4.5 mm needels (3.5mm for the ribbing) for an S/M slouch version, which actually fits my head like a perfect beanie. As usually, I did not knit any gauge in advance, so I do not complain. It fits my large head perfectly and my karma apparently wanted me to knit a beanie. Unintentionally, I still have a bit more than one ball of this yarn remaining. I am sure I will find something suitable as Kidsilk Classic still is one of my favourite yarns.


Yarncamp 2016

When Rebekka first told me about an event called Yarncamp, I was quite surprised I had never heard of this event which took place for the 4th time in 2016. The information published in advance left me exactly as clueless about its content as I was before. A barcamp. What the hell does that mean? Why is there no schedule? What will be the session contents? All participants are organisers at the same time, how can that be?

The answer is easy, it’s just like that. All participants meet up in the morning to have breakfast and discuss the programme of the upcoming hours. If you know something you would like to teach others, you tell the plenum. If you want to learn something that someone present might be able to teach you, you ask the plenum. Here are some impressions:

The result is a session plan. This is what it looked like on Saturday (you can find a readable version here:


I attended social media and e-mail marketing, e-commerce and web shops and introduction to colour knitting. E-commerce and web shops was very interesting as the speaker has profound knowledge in this field and could answer even detailed questions he was asked. Introduction to colour knitting was intriguing as well, with lots of examples and clues on how to improve one’s technique. During the session breaks, there was time to knit and to get to know the other participants, surrounded by coffee and snacks.

On sunday, I attended dyeing wool, steampunk, technical background of pop music and painting with wool. All my sunday sessions were gorgeous, apart from the fact that I held the one about music, so I hope my audience enjoyed it.

Dyeing wool explained many different ways to dye yarn, including variegated colourways and the difficulties of dyeing rainbows. Steampunk was a faboulous introduction to the scene and its overlaps to goth, cosplay, LARP and many more. The same speaker also held the painting with wool session later that day and it was just as good and exciting as the steampunk session.

Another highlight was the huge goodie bag (a gym bag! *.*), filled with sponsored gifts:

It also includes yarn and pattern for the Yarn Camp Shawl, an exclusive design for all participants for the moment. Thanks a lot for this cute idea!

To conclude, I want to thank the organisers RebekkaLutzJulia und Sara for a wonderful weekend. You got me hooked, see you all next year!

One last note concerning the catering. I appreciate a lot the completely vegetarian and vegan catering and hope the organisers stick to this decision in the future. Sadly, one dish was labelled “vegan” instead of “vegetarian” on Saturday, which caused digestion problems with quite a few people on Sunday. It would be great if the caterer was more careful concerning possible allergies.


The most luxurious yarn I have knit so far

… is Buffalo Wool Company Lux, a laceweight yarn I bought at a festival booth years ago at a bargain price. It consists of 45% Bison, 20% Silk, 20% Cashmere and 15% Tencel, which makes it both extremely soft and durable.

I actually had planned to knit my two skeins into some accessory for myself, but my mum had asked me for a pair of durable gloves. So I sacrificed my two skeins of charcoal luxury to knit a gift for my mum.

The pattern is called Wood Elves Gloves,a pretty well written free pattern I found on Ravelry. The explanations for the finger section may be a bit confusing depending on your glove knitting experience, though. I have used 55g of yarn held double. The yarn knits up perfectly, with fantastic stitch definition and a very own sort of softness I have not felt before. I absolutely recommend this yarn, but I have to admit that it is discontinued. The company still offers a sport weight version, so maybe you want to try that one.

Sadly, due to the color and thanks to my impatience that day, I was not able to take good pictures of the finished gloves. At least, there is one where you can see some more details:


What are the most luxurious yarns you have knit so far? Which ones do I absolutely have to try?


A Fall of Mysteries

Last Friday, the timing for this year’s Westknits Mystery Shawl, Building Blocks, was published. The first clue will be released October 7, which is only a week after the Boo Knits MKAL. I actually did not want to participate as I had bought the yarn for Taboo already and did not want to buy any more new yarn this month. Apart from that, both MKALs will run in parallel for two weeks at least.

But why knit a westknits pattern exactly as it is intended to? Stephen West is well known for playing with colour and very different yarn bases at once. Furthermore, a shawl pattern focusing on colour should be adaptable to a different yarn weight. Diving deep into my stash of colourful sock yarns, I have found four very colourful skeins that still might look good together. So I have a very good reason to participate: stashbusting!

I will use (from left to right) a nameless OOAK colourway of Drachenwolle sock yarn which is radiant pink in combination with a blueish purple, a OOAK “wild” colourway of Tausendschön sock yarn, a “dotty” colourway of Wolle Kunterbunt sock yarn as well as a ball of Strauss Innovation sock yarn in cream printed with different shades of grey.

Are you going to participate as well? What are your yarn choices?