Leipzig Wollefest

Now that I live in Leipzig, I finally have made it to the annual Leipzig Wollefest! I was pretty surprised how big and beautiful this festival is.

Of course, you can find some of the famous indie brands there, e.g. Wollmeise, DyeForYarn, dibadu, Zauberwiese, or das Mondschaf, but I am sure you already know about their beautiful yarns. So let me show you some smaller booths that have caught my attention.

I was super happy to meet Claudia Eisenkolb aka Himawari knits! at her designer booth. She had brought a lot of samples, even an unpublished design. It was so good to see all those gorgeous little details live. You miss a lot of them when you just quickly browse them on Ravelry. The samples also show how nicely the yarns and her patterns play together. She focuses on shape and texture, which I, myself, have been experimenting a lot with, recently. Apart from that, I always enjoy our talks a lot.

Another designer I was happy to meet in person is Nicola Susen. I like her idea of a sweater pattern as a detailed guide to how and where to adapt your knitting to your body measurements. In addition, she has a cool way to play with lines and colour. I already have knitted her Longitudinal socks, a fantastic sideways socks pattern. You definitely may want to take a look at her designs!

As you already know, I have a weakness for unusual, ethically sourced yarns. So I was pretty happy to see Seidenhase at the festival.

They keep angora rabbits for the love of the animals, collect their hair without hurting them and sell it as knitting yarns, batts or ready-made items. They have a small manufacture in Germany and are my number one choice for future angora acquisitions. Definitely worth supporting!

My most surprising find was a woodworker. Rainer Mewes has a range of classic wood products, but he also produces writing instruments, spindles and spinning wheels. I do not spin, but how cool would it be to have a handmade spinning wheel according to your requirements? I love the idea!

There also were a lot of places to sit and knit at the exhibition hall. My favourite one was the catering area on the balcony-like first floor.

It was a wonderful weekend. I have met so many nice people and had a lot of good conversations, on knitting as well as on life as such. So, see you next year, Leipzig Wollefest!


WIP Bingo

WIP what? Yes, bingo. When I read about the Marching Forward WIP-Along at Gosling and Plumb, I instantly liked the idea. As they offer a bullet journal inspired bingo sheet as well, I definitely had to sign up. The best part is, it is not a challenge, but an approach to focus on all sorts of craftsy and artsy WIPs that need to be finished. You participate just to work on your projects and to have a platform to discuss your obstacles and progress with others.

I chose the bingo layout as I like to have my tasks visualised. I also can mark my progress in the small squares. And here are my projects:

The list contains one business project, one small sewing project, four knitting projects in progress as well as three overdue knitting projects I haven’t even started. As I have included five large projects, I may not finish all of them by the end of march. But a bit of progress on all of them and finishing three or more would be great. Are you in?


I hate blocking. I postpone it whenever I can as I lack an appropriate space for it. This time, I blocked my Taboo shawl very early in the morning on my bed. Of course, my plan did not succeed, it was still wet in the evening so I had to sleep in my guest bed. However, the result was worth all effort.

The pattern is Taboo by booknits, knit with Jaipur Silk Fino by BC Garn. The pattern is very well written, but you have to count a lot. Placing the beads was time-consuming due to their number, but they add just the right amount of glamour. I have chosen pale lilac, silver lined beads to give my monochrome yarn choice a little twist. The yarn itself is a pleasure to work with, although I am not happy with the way silk usually is produced from an ethical point of view. At least, BC Garn is GOTS certified, so they do care about the sourced of their products in general.

Finally, a sweater for myself

This is not my first sweater, by far. But it is the first sweater I love and wear from the start. It is made of beautiful Lana Grossa Evento, a discontinued cotton and merino blend in DK weight. The raglan pattern is from Phildar and actually was intended to have a woven back. I tried, but my yarn was way too soft and weaving knitted strips across the back did not hold its shape at all.

After a year or so of hibernating, I still wanted to wear the sweater, but it still lacked the back part. I somehow stumbled upon this Russian lace pattern and found it quite appropriate. The only tricky part was to fit a lace back into a complete but backless sweater. Well, obviously, I succeeded. And here’s a picture of the result:

A linen stitch scarf

Once again, my huge yarn stash was driving me crazy, when a friend asked me to knit him a scarf. I found three balls of dark grey, DK weight alpaca yarn and some colourful DK weight merino scraps. To add some extra spice, I decided to knit the scarf in linen stitch. I loosely followed the Cerus Scarf pattern, but I cast on 445 stitches and added one colour row after two grey ones. The idea of adding fringe was partly due to omitting sewing in a gazillion of lose ends, partly due to achieving softer edges. The result is 2.10 m long (without the fringe) and 15 cm wide after 37 rows.

Bullet Journal

Yes, I’m pretty late to this party. However, I did not feel the need to organise myself better in the last three years. I did not go out a lot, which is why I probably wasn’t aware of how heavy my three (!) notebooks weigh on my shoulders when I carry them around all day.

I decided to merge my lyrics notebook with my scribbling pad and to add a diary. Years ago, I tried to adapt my routines to the Filofax system, but fixed appointments do not work for me. I need something more flexible, a feature I like about the idea of bullet journaling. Actually, I wanted to recycle my Filofax and find suitable refills, but my search for simple dot grid pages was not very successful. So I went to the city centre to buy some Leuchtturm book, which seemed to be a compromise between a flexible system and dot grid pages, but I found something way better: an X17 planner.

x17 planner.jpg

I bought a 3 ring model in A5, equipped with two dot grid booklets and a plain booklet. In addition, I bought a pack of ribbons to mark some pages and a double pocket for small notes.

My test setup is a one page year calendar, an index, a future log with two months per page, a list of books I’ve read, a list of check-ups taken for me and the cats, my year in pixels, a monthly habit tracker and a week on two pages.

2018 on one page.jpg

future log.jpg

books 2018.jpg

check-ups year in pixels.jpg



I actually wanted to start today, but as the setup was finished Tuesday already, why wait. Hopefully, this organiser is the solution to my problems. The first days were promising, at least.

As the choice of pens for one’s bullet journal seems to be a significant question, here is mine. A selection of Muji 0,5mm gel pens and some of the famous Tombow dual brush pens.


How do you organise your life? Online only, by filofax or do you bullet journal as well? What are your experiences so far? What works for you? I’m curious to know!

The Relocation

I have lived in Aachen for the past 14 years. The city and I have never become close friends, but for a while, it was quite acceptable to live there. However, after I finally had decided to live an artsy life, I slowly started to suffocate from the conservative environment in Aachen. My last four years there were pretty bad, so I have moved to Leipzig in the end of 2017.

You may now wonder what my relocation to Leipzig has to do with this craftsy blog. Well, let me explain. It seems like my mind has regained the freedom it used to have before my studies. Continuing this blog the way I used to update it does not feel right anymore. I want to share more of what I do with you. More background stories, more thoughts that come to my mind. Now, that I finally seem to have the power to do so. I hope you will like it.