Tiffany Epiphany

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Now that my godchild has grown out of her baby scarf, her parents asked me for a larger one. As she is a very special little person, I decided to knit her a very special scarf, namely a child sized Tiffany Epiphany. To downsize the pattern, I have followed the smaller size and knit only four segments. With a finished length of about 160cm, my plan has failed quite a bit. Nonetheless, it should work out fine as the scarf is knit in fingering weight yarn and thus can be looped around the neck once more without adding too much warmth.

The pattern is well written with a lot of photos guiding you through less usual techniques. The scarf is knit modularly in garter stitch with minimal finishing. I liked to watch the shapes evolve while knitting although I have to admit that this is not a mindless knit. There is a lot of short row shaping involved and you may want to count your stitches every other row to make sure the shaping is correct.

I have used 20g blue Schoppel Wolle Admiral and 34g grey Zauberwiese Supertwist Falkland Nylon from my leftovers stash, 74g Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles in wibble, a Fibreshare gift, and 63g pink Schoppel Wolle Admiral Hanf, a new sock yarn with bio-degradable nylon which I got for free at Yarncamp 2019. Thanks to garter stitch, the four different yarn textures blend well into each other. A nice surprise was the Admiral Hanf yarn, whose 10% hemp content adds an interesting structure. Sadly, this is more or less invisible in garter stitch, but very classy in stockinette stitch. I definitely need to experiment more with it. Now let’s hope my godchild likes her new, colourful scarf and enjoys wearing it!

Baby Stuff

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I recently have knitted some baby garments again, namely a cardigan and a pair of tiny mittens.

The mittens are made from 16g Zauberwiese Glitter Sock, the pattern is a loose adaption of a Drops Pattern. I love knitting with this yarn and it adds just a hint of glitter to the result. Lovely!

The cardigan is the one I had planned only a month ago. The Rowan yarn knits up perfectly, whereas I am not completely satisfied with the GGH yarn. But this may be a concern due to my incompatibility with fluffy Merino yarns. The pattern is great and gives a stunning result. Sadly, it took me days and many attempts to puzzle the pieces together. I definitely need to practise sewing sweaters together. Perhaps, I should fully switch to seamless sweaters, but it would be the end of colourwork. Hrm.

However, this is the result:


I really like it. And it looks all beautiful on the little girl I have gifted it to.

Holiday FOs

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For reasons unknown, I had decided to knit someone a christmas present. I usually avoid this, as I tend to fail in meeting deadlines. To my very surprise, I finished a cabled lace shawl within just three weeks. The wonderful and well-written pattern is Care to Dance? which still only has seven projects. Change that, my dear readers, the result is stunningly beautiful! A closer look at the edging:


The yarn used is Tausendschön Merino Extrafein, a quite splitty, but very soft yarn. It took me 94g to knit the shawl.

Another project I have finished more or less during Christmas holidays is King in the North, a pixie hat I knitted for a dear friend. The yarn used is Zauberwiese Supertwist Falkland Nylon, a fingering weight plied yarn with some sort of extra twist, that knits up perfectly and gives great stitch definition.


Currently, I am working on another hat, Agathis. I hope to finish it soon as I broke my second pair of 4mm needles the other day and now am forced to finish that hat before I can use the needles to knit a pair of mittens. First world problems.

Teeny tiny baby sweater

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I have finished a baby sweater for a former schoolmate of mine who is going to have her first baby within the next two weeks. The pattern used is Towpath Henley, which I  enjoyed very much. Sadly, the instructions for the placket and buttonhole band were not very useful for me as both sides curled a lot before I reduced the picked up stitches by 20%.

The sweater is knit from Zauberwiese‘s 100% Neuseeland Merino, a very good choice for the pattern. It looks beautiful even it is knit up quite loosely, the stitch definition is great and it feels perfectly soft for baby skin. Only 50g were enough for the smallest size.

Cathedral Socks

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Finally, they’re finished! I overcame my second sock syndrome in this special case, due to the beautiful pattern and the even more beautiful Zauberwiese glitter yarn. I have continued the pattern throughout the back of the short row heel and the toes to perfection them. The yarn knits up easily and is very soft although it contains metallic. Really worth a try!