Summer Knitting/ WIPs

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I am a winter person. I love the cold and long nights. I truly suffer when the temperature rises above 30°C, which has been the case since weeks. As German summers usually are a lot cooler than this year, I tend to just knit finer wollen yarns in summer. This year, I do not feel like even touching any wollen yarn, so I had to change my project schedule heavily.

The good news is, I have almost finished a lacy, silken top I had been working on since 2016 as the pattern is full of mistakes. I also have started with embroidery, something I had been keen on trying out recently. Deep down in my yarn stash, I found some aqua (!) Lana Grossa Mare, a linen/cotton/rayon tape yarn. As it should be easy to overdye it with black, I have started a Sugarcoated cardigan with it.

I also have ordered some black Raffia yarn to DIY myself an oversized sun hat.

Now to the bad news, postponed projects due to the hot weather. I am eager to try out my Schoeller yarn samples, but all of them are wollen. I wanted to surprise two friends with handmade accessories later this August, but I am not sure if this will happen. My dad has asked me to knit him an argyle sweater for this fall and I haven’t even started. I also wanted to knit two baby cardigans to give them to two friends in September, apart from a mohair sweater for myself that is almost finished.

I am fully aware, these are first world problems. People in other countries have been facing extreme summer weather since years. Nonetheless, it is a different experience being exposed to it for the first time in Central Europe.

WIP Bingo

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WIP what? Yes, bingo. When I read about the Marching Forward WIP-Along at Gosling and Plumb, I instantly liked the idea. As they offer a bullet journal inspired bingo sheet as well, I definitely had to sign up. The best part is, it is not a challenge, but an approach to focus on all sorts of craftsy and artsy WIPs that need to be finished. You participate just to work on your projects and to have a platform to discuss your obstacles and progress with others.

I chose the bingo layout as I like to have my tasks visualised. I also can mark my progress in the small squares. And here are my projects:

The list contains one business project, one small sewing project, four knitting projects in progress as well as three overdue knitting projects I haven’t even started. As I have included five large projects, I may not finish all of them by the end of march. But a bit of progress on all of them and finishing three or more would be great. Are you in?

Stash Inventory

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Thanks to Watery from the Yarnicorns, I stumbled upon LSG Cold Sheep. The idea is to make a stash inventory to be aware of its extent and in consequence try to knit from stash only for a year. Exceptions to not being allowed to buy new yarn are:

  • Finishing a project
  • Fiber festivals
  • Yarn crawls
  • A premeditated splurge (or two)
  • Gifts or swaps
  • Yarn clubs already in progress
  • Baby knitting/ gifts that can’t be done from your stash

As I just have added more than 2kg of so far unstashed yarn to my inventory, knowing that even more is lurking somewhere close to some old WIPs, I’m in for the challenge.

There also are monthly challenges, e.g. stash catalogue, selfish knitting and finish things in January. I’m trying to participate in all three of them. As my stash now is a lot more up to date then before, I already qualify for stash catalogue. I just have started a pair of Slippery Slope Socks with stash yarn only, which is going to be my selfish knitting. As my pullover, mentioned in my last post, is progressing well, I might finish it in January as well. Let’s see.

Good-Bye, 2016 – Welcome, 2017

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I want to summarise my knitting activities in 2016 and give a short overview of my knitting plans for 2017.

I have knit a lot in 2016, namely 12302m of yarn. More than 12km. Wow. I would not have expected that. I wanted to destash fingering weight sock yarn, which more or less worked as I started to knit up 10 skeins more than I bought. I also planned to knit more adult garments, but I am not happy with only two cardigans and one crocheted sweater. I tried not to buy more yarn than I knit, but on top of the 14212m I bought, I was gifted another 3566m of yarn. Well, destash overall epically failed.

Some WIPs I have started in 2016 will remain unfinished, namely:

  • a scarf with a boring pattern in a yarn that is difficult to knit. I will finish it because the result looks pretty good.
  • a silken summer top with a complex lace pattern, which I actually love. I did not finish it due to major mistakes in the pattern and because it requires a lot of attention which disqualifies the project to work on it in public transportation.
  • the Boo MKAL as it requires a fucking lot of attention which is extra hard as I knit it in black.
  • a beautiful sweater from a French knitting magazine I have just started (see featured image)

I am happy to have published my first complex knitting pattern, the Katinka Mitts. I hope I can find the time for new designs in 2017.


Now to my plans for 2017:

I am fully aware of this list being too long for one year. But I am happy to have so many ideas to follow. Have a Happy New Year 2017!

Building Blocks MKAL, Clue 1

Here it is, my building blocks shawl after clue 1 (and the first row of clue 2). I am pretty happy with it so far, although it is extremely colourful. I am knitting with 3.5 Addi lace needles, a goodie I received at Yarncamp. Apart from being too short for this project, they are okay, but I still prefer ChiaGoo Red Lace.

In contrast to the Taboo MKAL, I love knitting this one. It is not as spectacular as the Booknits pattern, but it does not need attention at each and every stitch. So it qualifies as a portable and quite mindless project which is perfect as I currently are quite busy and travelling a lot. I’ll keep you updated.

Yarn Shopping and an Entrelac Sock

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I went to my beloved LYS Strickstück today as I needed yarn for another baby garment. So many of my friends are becoming or already are young parents and I love to knit baby stuff you do not find in children’s clothes shops. This time, I plan to knit a Gingersnap cardigan (free pattern, yay!) and I bought 2 balls of Rowan’s Pure Wool DK in avocado and 2 balls of GGH’s Maxima one in black and one in grey. They were all on sale, so it did not hurt that much.

I also have destashed some sock yarn in form of one finished Entrelac Sock and I’m wondering if I should follow the designer’s idea of a lonely sock club. This would mean to knit two different socks from the rest of the yarn and end up with three socks to mix and match. What do you think?

Mask Against the Cold and WIPs

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There were a lot of cold days last week. This fact motivated me for a quick knit, as usually the cold hits my nose and lips first. In less than two hours I have knit a woolen mask from grey merino leftovers from the Star Wars hat. I had it tested outside immediately and it serves its purpose perfectly. However, I have to admit that most people in the city were staring at me surprisedly. Fortunately, I am used to that.


Now to my current WIPs. I am knitting a scarf from recycled yarn, a shawl from Tausendschön Merino Extrafein and socks for charity from stashed yarn. I would appreciate to have finished each of them as soon as possible as I do not like knitting any of them. They all will be beautiful, but the scarf requires a certain length so that the pattern meanwhile bores me, the shawl has incredible amounts of garter stitch and the colour of the sock yarn is just not my thing.

So I am trying hard to force myself to work on them, but I am pretty sure, I will soon cast on something new, just to have a fun project. At least you know such situations as well, don’t you?

A huge sock

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I have finished the first sock of a pair for my boyfriend. He asked me to knit him a pair of spider socks which is going to be his first pair of handknit socks ever. While knitting the first one, it became quite obvious why no-one before accepted the challenge. Size 45, almost black. A never-ending journey of recalculating the pattern, lots of guesswork and swearing like a trooper. Nonetheless, here it is, the first one:


At least, I have cast on the second one already. So there is still a chance to finish the pair this year.

Another half a pair of socks

Once again I have started a different sock before finishing a pair. Well, I don’t even regret it in this case. The first Bovary sock came out lovely and I’m really looking forward to wear it as a pair. Sometime later this year, of course.

By the way, this is the first Regia sock yarn I did not instantly hate. Knit up, the lurex thread just adds a tiny bit of glitter which suits the pattern quite well.



Half a pair of socks

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Once again, I have finished one single sock. It’s a plain vanilla one, but as I wanted to use a variegated yarn (Halbstarker “Gudrun Siegel” by Tausendschön), I could not think of a matching pattern. However, I love the result! The pair will be gifted to a friend, so the sock fits my foot the way a too big sock fits a foot.

Gudrun Siegel 1

Once again, the actual plan was to cast on the second sock immediately, but something went terribly wrong:

Bovary 1

This is the first clue and the beginning of the second one of Bovary, the current Sock Knitters Anonymous’ mystery sock knit along pattern. It is designed by General Hogbuffer, reason enough to participate in the mystery KAL. Oops. At least the yarn is from the ground of my stash, it’s a Regia X-Mas sock yarn in cream which so far looks like a great choice for this pattern. Stay tuned.