H+H Cologne 2017, part 2

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As announced before, here is the second and last part of my H+H Cologne 2017 report.

I stumbled upon a Canadian hand dyer, Zen Yarn Garden, who stood out by offering yarn shades in colour families. This means there are different colours intended to be combined, e.g. a speckled and a semisolid shade. How cool is that, please? Furthermore, the colours are rich and vibrant, all dyed on luxurious yarn bases. I really should try them out.


BC Garn, a Danish yarn manufacturer, well know for its natural, high-quality and often organic yarns has presented a remarkable addition to its GOTS certified palette: Bio Shetland, a light fingering weight pure shetland yarn which comes in a wide range of colours. I truly appreciate their policy of providing luxurious yet natural yarns. I salute BC Garn for this consistency and hope Bio Shetland will be available in my LYS soon! Until then, I already have a project in mind for their beautiful Lino.


Another Nordic yarn manufacturer I was happy to see was Novita, a Finnish yarn company, namely the largest hand-knitting yarn spinner in the Nordic region. They also collaborate with WYS, who I had presented in H+H Cologne 2017, part 1. The great news is, Novita yarns will be available in Germany, soon! This means a new supplier of durable Nordic wool for me! They offer a lot of natural yarns, sometimes blended with a little Nylon for even more increased durability, in a wide range of colours. So, welcome to Germany, Novita, I am looking forward to your arrival!


I accidentally found Merchant and Mills, a British sewing supplier with a very unique style. Their booth was pure eye candy yet! They offer working style patterns to sew a capsule wardrobe, high-quality cloths, trims, sewing kits (I LOVE the oilskin bag kit!), tools, books, stationery. But have a look at the pictures. They deserve a full blog post, soon.


I am so glad to have met the wonderful Madame Tricot in person! This year, she brought an assortment of knit cheeses, presented adequately. As I admire her work a lot, I have set her exhibition as featured image of this blog post. Please support her art by buying her book, it is stunning.


I will not write too much about about the large yarn manufacturers, there are other bloggers who have more insight and will write detailed posts about theses companies. Nonetheless, some of their new products have caught my eye.

Lana Grossa, e.g., has shown their large new collection for A/W 2017/18. My favourites are Silkhair 2.0, a Kid Mohair and silk blend with a slightly darker core, and Fluffy Tweed, a soft tweed yarn with a beautiful halo, from their Lala Berlin collection.

My favourite latest addition to the Rowan collection is called Sultano, a luxurious ribbon yarn made of 38% silk, 38% mohair und 24% cashmere. Definetely worth a try!

Some Madelinetosh eye candy (new colours!):

A beautiful way to show off the different qualities of Blue Sky Fibers:


Knitted art at Kartopu


…and Katia:


Now to something completely different. Have you heard of Earebel yet? I had, but as an audiophile, I did not expect too much from their product. They offer bluetooth headphones to be knit into hats or headbands. They are available as kits or individually for your own ideas. I have to admit, they are pretty good with respect to their low price. The high frequencies are a bit flat, but the lows are pretty okay. In sum, they are a cool novelty item.


I have spent two fantastic days at H+H Cologne 2017 and hope you have enjoyed my report about it. I have met wonderful people, had great conversations and have learned a lot. Thanks to everyone I have met!




Yarn Shopping in Edinburgh

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I recently spent a few days in Edinburgh, where I, apart from other things,  went a little shopping for yarn. First, I went to Kathy’s Knits, a lovely little yarn shop that carries mostly scottish yarns. They sell brands like Blacker YarnsJamieson & SmithNew LanarkEden Cottage and Wensleydale Longwool, to name only a few. New Lanark’s Chunky as well as Blacker’s Hebridean / Mohair instantly caught my eye, but as I did not have a specific project for them in my mind and as my stash is rather growing than shrinking, I only bought some balls of Jamieson & Smith’s 2 Ply Jumper Weight. I’m planning to knit my first fair isle project with them, a Scare Isle Tam.

J&S 2 Ply Jumperweight

My second stop was at Be Inspired Fibres and I’m still glad I went there only half an hour before their closing time. I was overwhelmed by all those yarn specialties they carry. For the first time, I could see and touch Madelinetosh, FyberspatesShilasdair and Holst Garn in a lot of different qualities and many of their vivid colours. I will definitely try out Fyberspates and Shilasdair in the near future, but due to financial and time restrictions, I only bought two balls of Holst’s Titicaca in black, which I want to turn into a Blackjack shawl, as well as a hank of Tosh Merino Light in Tart, only for its awesomeness:

Holst Titicaca Tosh Merino Light

As I recently discovered, that Knitpro’s Symfonie needles are not sharp enough for me, apart from the fact that wooden needles are a bad idea for tight knitting in general, I also bought a pair of HiyaHiya sharp and a pair of Chiaogoo Red Lace circular needles for testing. I have not tested the HiyaHiya’s yet, but Chiaogoo seems to fit my knitting style quite well.

Sadly, I did not have the time to stop by at Ginger Twist Studio, but I’ll catch up on that the next time.

A Wedding Shawl

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As I received my invitation to Watery‘s wedding, I wondered about an appropriate gift. In May, I finally decided it should be a handknit Celestarium shawl. I ordered Madelinetosh Tosh Merino light in Victorian Gothic at Jule’s Wollshop as well as 40g 6/0 Toho Rocailles in silver lined crystal at Elmeraldis and started knitting in June.

This shawl, in my opinion, is something you definetely knit for someone else for a very special occasion, as it is a nerve-wrecking work. There is a lot of counting and you end up with 576 stitches per row. Sadly, due to some personal issues, the last seven rows were still missing on the wedding day. So I decided to finish it perfectly with a neat edging I borrowed from the Henslowe shawl.

This was the best and worst decision at the same time. It looks gorgeous, but it took me ages to knit it over the above already mentioned 576 stitches.

However, I love the result: