A New Hat for Fall

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Since its publication in November 2015, I wanted to knit a Father Cables Hat. I knew from the start, I would knit it from my leftovers from the Custom Fit Sweater, Rowan Kid Classic. Obviously, knitting a cabled hat with mohair yarn would give the design a completely new interpretation. Well, maybe this was my intention.

What I had not considered was how the yarn would react to being forced into cables. It showed a lot of resistance. Nonetheless, I won and am overly happy with the result. I love the Mohair halo on the cable pattern and I guess I do not need to explain how cosy it feels on my head.

I needed 52g of yarn on 4.5 mm needels (3.5mm for the ribbing) for an S/M slouch version, which actually fits my head like a perfect beanie. As usually, I did not knit any gauge in advance, so I do not complain. It fits my large head perfectly and my karma apparently wanted me to knit a beanie. Unintentionally, I still have a bit more than one ball of this yarn remaining. I am sure I will find something suitable as Kidsilk Classic still is one of my favourite yarns.


Custom Fit Sweater

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I have finished a sweater! It is by far not the first one I have started, but the first one I have finished. Sadly, I haven’t knit it for myself as the result is just stunning. It is soft, oversized, warm, airy – everything you might wish a sweater to be like.

The idea was to adapt a pattern, Gypsy by Martin Storey, to the concept of the recipient’s perfect winter sweater. In the end, I did not need to change that much as the pattern is fantastic already. My version is just a bit shorter, even more oversized, with longer sleeves and an extraordinarily long turtle/ cowl neck.


I could not be happier to have chosen Rowan’s Kid Classic to knit with. It was a pleasure to knit 500g of it into that sweater and it has definitely become one of my favourite yarns over this project. I bought it in Cologne at Maschenkunst, a wonderful yarn shop with a large variety of standard and rare yarns, always worth a visit.

Of course, I am already working on other projects. I’ll keep you updated soon.