My favourite facial cleanser

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…used to be Lush’s “Let the good times roll”.  I loved it and bought it regularly until they took it off their range as it first was part of the christmas series only. Sadly, it was the first facial cleanser without any side effects on my skin, so I had to find a solution. I studied the ingredients and went shopping. After some experiments, I found the ideal recipe for me:

40 g   corn flour

40 g   talkum powder

40 g   cane sugar

25 ml almond oil

25 ml glycerine

Just mix it together (it should be a bit crumbly) and put it into a cream jar (or an original Lush pot). The ingredients slightly differ from the original product as I prefer sugar from polenta as exfoliating ingredient, almond oil for its natural scent and I do not add any fragrance.

Use it just the way you would use “Let the good times roll”. Take a small amount, mix it with a bit of water in your hands, rub it over your face and rinse with clear water. Enjoy!

facial cleanser