Blue Socks

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I am still trying to destash my vast amount of colourful sock yarns by knitting colourful socks. The latest finished pair is a gift for a dear friend of mine who kindly asked me for a pair of blue socks. Here they are, 72g of Wolle Kunterbunt sock yarn in softline blue, knit up to a pair of plain vanilla socks in EU size 40. As far as I know, the yarn is dyed on Zitron, a classic German sock yarn. I really like how the different intensities of blue arrange in stripes although nowadays, I would rather buy such a colourway based on dark greys, dark reds or dark purples.

Summer Fling Bag

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The next destash project this year is a linen bag. The pattern is Summer Fling, an easy to follow pattern intended for fingering weight yarn. I have used 136g leftovers of DK weight linen yarns from La Droguerie and Yllet. I did not make any changes, nonetheless​ the bag is pretty small. However, I like the result although it does not qualify as an everyday handbag. It is just too small.

Stash Inventory

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Thanks to Watery from the Yarnicorns, I stumbled upon LSG Cold Sheep. The idea is to make a stash inventory to be aware of its extent and in consequence try to knit from stash only for a year. Exceptions to not being allowed to buy new yarn are:

  • Finishing a project
  • Fiber festivals
  • Yarn crawls
  • A premeditated splurge (or two)
  • Gifts or swaps
  • Yarn clubs already in progress
  • Baby knitting/ gifts that can’t be done from your stash

As I just have added more than 2kg of so far unstashed yarn to my inventory, knowing that even more is lurking somewhere close to some old WIPs, I’m in for the challenge.

There also are monthly challenges, e.g. stash catalogue, selfish knitting and finish things in January. I’m trying to participate in all three of them. As my stash now is a lot more up to date then before, I already qualify for stash catalogue. I just have started a pair of Slippery Slope Socks with stash yarn only, which is going to be my selfish knitting. As my pullover, mentioned in my last post, is progressing well, I might finish it in January as well. Let’s see.

Good-Bye, 2016 – Welcome, 2017

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I want to summarise my knitting activities in 2016 and give a short overview of my knitting plans for 2017.

I have knit a lot in 2016, namely 12302m of yarn. More than 12km. Wow. I would not have expected that. I wanted to destash fingering weight sock yarn, which more or less worked as I started to knit up 10 skeins more than I bought. I also planned to knit more adult garments, but I am not happy with only two cardigans and one crocheted sweater. I tried not to buy more yarn than I knit, but on top of the 14212m I bought, I was gifted another 3566m of yarn. Well, destash overall epically failed.

Some WIPs I have started in 2016 will remain unfinished, namely:

  • a scarf with a boring pattern in a yarn that is difficult to knit. I will finish it because the result looks pretty good.
  • a silken summer top with a complex lace pattern, which I actually love. I did not finish it due to major mistakes in the pattern and because it requires a lot of attention which disqualifies the project to work on it in public transportation.
  • the Boo MKAL as it requires a fucking lot of attention which is extra hard as I knit it in black.
  • a beautiful sweater from a French knitting magazine I have just started (see featured image)

I am happy to have published my first complex knitting pattern, the Katinka Mitts. I hope I can find the time for new designs in 2017.


Now to my plans for 2017:

I am fully aware of this list being too long for one year. But I am happy to have so many ideas to follow. Have a Happy New Year 2017!