Good-Bye, 2016 – Welcome, 2017

I want to summarise my knitting activities in 2016 and give a short overview of my knitting plans for 2017.

I have knit a lot in 2016, namely 12302m of yarn. More than 12km. Wow. I would not have expected that. I wanted to destash fingering weight sock yarn, which more or less worked as I started to knit up 10 skeins more than I bought. I also planned to knit more adult garments, but I am not happy with only two cardigans and one crocheted sweater. I tried not to buy more yarn than I knit, but on top of the 14212m I bought, I was gifted another 3566m of yarn. Well, destash overall epically failed.

Some WIPs I have started in 2016 will remain unfinished, namely:

  • a scarf with a boring pattern in a yarn that is difficult to knit. I will finish it because the result looks pretty good.
  • a silken summer top with a complex lace pattern, which I actually love. I did not finish it due to major mistakes in the pattern and because it requires a lot of attention which disqualifies the project to work on it in public transportation.
  • the Boo MKAL as it requires a fucking lot of attention which is extra hard as I knit it in black.
  • a beautiful sweater from a French knitting magazine I have just started (see featured image)

I am happy to have published my first complex knitting pattern, the Katinka Mitts. I hope I can find the time for new designs in 2017.


Now to my plans for 2017:

I am fully aware of this list being too long for one year. But I am happy to have so many ideas to follow. Have a Happy New Year 2017!


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