The most luxurious yarn I have knit so far

… is Buffalo Wool Company Lux, a laceweight yarn I bought at a festival booth years ago at a bargain price. It consists of 45% Bison, 20% Silk, 20% Cashmere and 15% Tencel, which makes it both extremely soft and durable.

I actually had planned to knit my two skeins into some accessory for myself, but my mum had asked me for a pair of durable gloves. So I sacrificed my two skeins of charcoal luxury to knit a gift for my mum.

The pattern is called Wood Elves Gloves,a pretty well written free pattern I found on Ravelry. The explanations for the finger section may be a bit confusing depending on your glove knitting experience, though. I have used 55g of yarn held double. The yarn knits up perfectly, with fantastic stitch definition and a very own sort of softness I have not felt before. I absolutely recommend this yarn, but I have to admit that it is discontinued. The company still offers a sport weight version, so maybe you want to try that one.

Sadly, due to the color and thanks to my impatience that day, I was not able to take good pictures of the finished gloves. At least, there is one where you can see some more details:


What are the most luxurious yarns you have knit so far? Which ones do I absolutely have to try?


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