Gradient socks (and a pair of super cute baby booties!)

Socks once again, but I somehow have to destash my huge amount of sock yarn.

gradient socks

I have used 60 grams of Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic Degradé in Rooster to knit a pair of Stripe Tease, designed by one of my favourite sock designers, General Hogbuffer. His patterns are always well written and designed. This is my third pair of Hogbuffer socks and I love it quite as much as Pucker and Bovary, its predecessors. Just take a look at his designs and you will know why I will definitely knit more of them in the future.

Now back to my knitting. The socks fit perfectly although their construction is quite unusual. Sadly, I have shortened the leg section, so if you should knit them yourself, just stick to the pattern. The yarn looks great, although the light parts of the gradient are too long in my opinion. As with most single-ply yarns, it does not forgive any mistakes which makes another purchase of this quality pretty unlikely.

gradient socks_side view

With 40 grams of the yarn left and a close friend of mine having a baby, I decided to knit a pair of Elvish Baby Booties. I needed 21 grams of the gradient yarn as well as 5 grams of Maschenkunst‘s Belana in Asparagus to complete a pair in size M. The result is just stunning although the two booties have completely different colours. The Belana yarn knits up greatly, I am really looking forward to work up the rest of it. To conclude, I hope the new parents and the baby like them, too.

elvish baby booties


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