The accidental WGT cocoon cardigan

I finally have knit an item I had planned for a really long time. The cardigan was published back in 2009 and was part of my knitting queue ever since. Shame on me. The yarn used is the wonderful Garnstudio DROPS Brushed Alpaca Silk I had bought last year. It was knit on 6mm needles and used up all 10 balls of yarn. As you just knit a rectangle which is then sewn together, this was a rather quick and very easy knit.

Now to the result: this stunning, huge cardigan is super soft, keeps me warm and weighs only 250g! As I had finished it just before this year’s Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT), I put it as the very last item into my suitcase because there was just enough space left, I had not yet worn it  and I did not want to take my winter jacket with me. I ended up wearing it every day. Temperature at Leipzig dropped the second day already and I would have been freezing without it every night. And the best about it: this cardigan fit into the small backpack I was carrying with me. So I could dress up for the almost warm afternoons without the need to carry a jacket with me visibly or freezing to death as the day went by! In conclusion, when you’re in need of a cosy, stylish cardigan you can hide in your handbag, this is your choice! Love it!

By the way, I was also wearing my new lace top on the picture.

Black Avantgarde


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