Mask Against the Cold and WIPs

There were a lot of cold days last week. This fact motivated me for a quick knit, as usually the cold hits my nose and lips first. In less than two hours I have knit a woolen mask from grey merino leftovers from the Star Wars hat. I had it tested outside immediately and it serves its purpose perfectly. However, I have to admit that most people in the city were staring at me surprisedly. Fortunately, I am used to that.


Now to my current WIPs. I am knitting a scarf from recycled yarn, a shawl from Tausendschön Merino Extrafein and socks for charity from stashed yarn. I would appreciate to have finished each of them as soon as possible as I do not like knitting any of them. They all will be beautiful, but the scarf requires a certain length so that the pattern meanwhile bores me, the shawl has incredible amounts of garter stitch and the colour of the sock yarn is just not my thing.

So I am trying hard to force myself to work on them, but I am pretty sure, I will soon cast on something new, just to have a fun project. At least you know such situations as well, don’t you?


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