Yarn and fabric shopping

While I’m currently knitting several items at once, I’m already planning my next projects. The Code: Armonica Cowl as well as an urban cardigan have been in my queue for quite a while now. So when Lanade started their Drops Alpaca Party, I bought five balls of  Nepal for the cowl and ten balls of Brushed Alpaca Silk for the cardigan. Yes, all of the new yarn is black, but as this is my favourite colour by far, I will have to accept knitting without actually seeing a single stitch.

My next sewing project will be a pair of casual trousers for my boyfriend. I hope he shares my sense of humour in what concerns the print of the cotton jersey:

skull cotton jersey

I plan to alter a free simplicity pattern for pyjama pants. Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Yarn and fabric shopping

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