A Wedding Shawl

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As I received my invitation to Watery‘s wedding, I wondered about an appropriate gift. In May, I finally decided it should be a handknit Celestarium shawl. I ordered Madelinetosh Tosh Merino light in Victorian Gothic at Jule’s Wollshop as well as 40g 6/0 Toho Rocailles in silver lined crystal at Elmeraldis and started knitting in June.

This shawl, in my opinion, is something you definetely knit for someone else for a very special occasion, as it is a nerve-wrecking work. There is a lot of counting and you end up with 576 stitches per row. Sadly, due to some personal issues, the last seven rows were still missing on the wedding day. So I decided to finish it perfectly with a neat edging I borrowed from the Henslowe shawl.

This was the best and worst decision at the same time. It looks gorgeous, but it took me ages to knit it over the above already mentioned 576 stitches.

However, I love the result:




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