My first sewing project in years

…happens to be a companion cube plushie. Those of you who have played Portal will know what I’m talking about. As there exists no actual pattern, I decided to follow kanojo’s notes. I found some polyester fleec in dark and light grey as well as in bright pink at a local drapery store, which seemed suitable.

I started with pre-assembling the sides of the cube, first the decorative seams and the corner elements,

companion cube side partially assembled

then the center pieces.

companion cube side center

companion cube side

The tricky part was sewing together all sides, which went unexpectedly well, even for the squares overlapping the edges. Before closing the last seam, I filled the cube with fibre fill and sew the last edges together by hand. And here is the result:

companion cube

The fun part of this project is, I probably have learned a lot more about sewing than during the complete sewing course I took a while ago.


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